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Microsoft denies surface reliability problems ... without providing evidence

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Microsoft denies surface reliability problems ... without providing evidence

Incriminated by a report of reliability concerning his computers Surface, Microsoft answers on his blog ... denying the problems without bringing tangible proof.

When one touches his Surface, Microsoft shows the fangs. Yesterday Thursday, August 10 Consumer Reports has announced that it has withdrawn its confidence in Microsoft Surface Laptop and Surface Book PCs due to significant reliability problems. Based on a sample of more than 90,000 holders of audited machines, the powerful American association claims that 25% of aircraft experience significant problems during the first two years of their lives. Numbers that Microsoft denied in a post on the Windows blog.

According to Microsoft, the return rate would be "much lower" at 25% and the number of incidents per unit (IPU) has improved from generation to generation and now reaches its lowest level, well below 1 % ". Microsoft said: "98% of Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book users say they are satisfied with their devices," according to an IPSOS survey.
Microsoft's fuzzy answer
Microsoft - Absolute Marketing Malaise ...

The problem of Microsoft's reaction? Not only is the form childish enough - "I can assure you that there has never been a better time to buy a Surface," says the Panos Panay product manager who misjudged his marketing moment - but especially the American firm Does not provide tangible elements. However, even if Consumer Reports did not have the 90,000 customer returns (which they have), "what is claimed without evidence, can not be reversed without evidence". And the dramatic side of the story, besides the absence of real figures or contradictory data from Microsoft, is that the problems of the Surface are notorious.
A far from exemplary range

Side stack, Microsoft has always looked after the design and material design of the Surface: the appearance is pleasant, the exterior finishes very good performance. But on the other side, apart from the irreparable nature of the machine's internal design (welded or glued components), the number of more or less important problems that have been raised not only by press, but also by blogs or forums is impressive .

Let us quote non-exhaustively:

The recall of the area adapters of Surface Pro 1/2/3 due to risk of fire (January 2016)
Driver, battery, keyboard attachment, etc., stamped "Surfacegate" by a Microsoft / Surface Pro 4 specialist (January 2016)
Of Multiple Problems / Surface Pro 4 (March 2017)
Of untimely extinctions / Surface Pro 4 (July 2017)
Poor performance management / Surface Book (July 2017)
Significant Leakage of Screen Light / Surface Pro 4 (July 2017)
Hello that stops working because of drivers (Microsoft) bancals / Surface Pro 4 (August 2017)

Without being a fiasco, it can not be said that the life of the Surface is a long quiet river, especially the pilots.

Given the heterogeneity of the platforms, it is obvious that Windows 10 can not behave perfectly on all the machines in the world - and indeed the operating system of Microsoft is wonderfully stable when you realize the variety Computers that work with it. But when you can fully understand a problem with a certain Dell type assembler, Asus, Lenovo, and so on. These same software problems are unacceptable at Microsoft. Because in the case of Surface it is found, like Apple, in the position of mastery of software AND hardware. With all the cards in his hands, failure is not an option.
The weakness of the tests: the long term

In his blog, Microsoft cites positive reviews of its hardware by different American sites. But these tests, like ours, have a limit: they talk about a product that has benefited from 1 to 3 weeks of manipulation. A length that allows to evaluate the quality of manufacturing, many aspects of the ergonomics or intrinsic performances of the machine ... but in no way the durability and reliability of a product in the long term.

In this area, only intensive use of a large sample of users is significant - data that Consumer Reports was able to collect months after marketing, a temporality quite different from that of journalists. Fortunately for all of us, the web allows an effective remount of problems via blogs, forums, social networks, etc. Which can be highlighted, substantiated or contradicted. And unfortunately
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